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Wes Woodson is a 20something year old recent college grad on the mission to creatively empower one student to believe three words: I AM ENOUGH. Here's why 👇

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Because I was that one student who never believed those three words.


Growing up in a predominantly white suburban neighborhood, I always felt the pressure to be perfect as a person of color. My parents ingrained in me the idea that I had to work "twice as hard to be considered just as good as my white classmates." This drove me to seek external validation, believing I wasn't good enough otherwise.

Struggling with anxiety, particularly around test-taking, since third grade, I sought validation through external achievements. In middle and high school, I attempted to reinvent myself to escape the shame of not performing well academically, pretending my anxiety didn't exist.

In college, I turned to intimate relationships for validation, ignoring warning signs of an unhealthy dynamic. After a toxic relationship, I spiraled into self-doubt and contemplated suicide when I was 22.

After checking myself into a mental health hospital and consistently going to therapy, I've learned the tools to bring empathy and kindness into my everyday life, which all come together to help me believe: I AM ENOUGH.

Today, I have traveled across the country, inspiring over 100,000 students through my keynotes and workshop experiences. It is my hope, through working together, we can help your students feel more seen, heard, and understood.


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